A unique experience with our yacht charter Dubai services

Dubai creek yacht trip

Yacht cruises are on another level of fun. First of all, it’s a unique way of getting around and watching the beautiful scenery of Dubai. Secondly, by renting a yacht from our yacht charter in Dubai, you get to experience a level of luxury that’s second to none. Set off with your yacht rental in Dubai Creek, Dubai Marina, or any of the other major ports for the adventure of a lifetime.

The unique experience starts from the very process of chartering our yachts. Once you check our yacht listings, prices, and time frames and have made your choice, booking and payment are seamless. In a few minutes, you’re done with the chartering process and your yacht is ready for your luxury trip on the sea.

Another experience you get to have when you charter a yacht from our yacht charter service in Dubai is the five-star treatment that comes with our packages. You not only get to cruise the seas, but you also enjoy other luxury benefits that ensure your yacht experience is top-notch.

Customize your yacht rental experience

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We have some of the best yacht brands available for you to charter. You can sail on our stylish yacht developed by the reputable Italian Azimut brand. Our Azimut yachts are equipped with the best features to make your sail memorable. We also have the Majesty yachts for a smooth sailing trip. Our Majesty yachts are popular for their powerful engines. You can also sail on our exotic Sunseeker yachts for a fabulous time. Our Sunseeker yachts rank top on our classic yachts list. We also have other luxury brands to choose from like Duretti, Benetti, and Rodriguez.

The icing on the cake is that the pricing of our yacht charter Dubai services is quite reasonable. For an hourly cruise on our yachts, the prices range between 400 – 16000 AED depending on the yacht model you choose. If you want to rent our luxury yacht for a day, you need to pay between 10000 – 359000 AED as well.

We offer several packages and there are multiple options to choose from. Whether you’re booking our yachts for a sea cruise around Dubai or an important event, we’ve got you covered. You can rent our yachts for an hourly or daily rate. Aside from that, we also offer extra support when you rent a yacht from our yacht charter in Dubai. We will assist with any issue you might face; our concierge will assist you in planning your yacht trip down to the last detail.

Things to consider for yacht rental

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Having to charter a yacht for a trip can be very exciting. Sometimes you can be so excited that you overlook some very important factors. There are some essential things to pay attention to before renting a yacht. Failing to do this can make what was supposed to be a great yacht experience become a huge miss. For a better yacht and touring experience, here are some factors to consider.

  • Check the yacht size and model
  • Take a look at the price ranges
  • Choose the right location to charter
  • Travel through the best places

Check the yacht size and model

We offer yacht models of fabulous brands like Benetti, Sunseeker, Rodriguez, Azimut, Tati, and so on. Make sure you focus on the size and features of the yacht you’re hiring. At our yacht charter in Dubai, we make sure clients get a full understanding of the size of our yachts. Our yacht sizes vary, with the 27 ft Keylargo being one of the smaller ones and the 220 ft Lotus being the largest. Mid-size yachts like the 75 ft Victoria and the 50 ft Everest are also available. Our yachts are also quite solid and have an ultra-modern design that’ll leave you satisfied.

Take a look at the price ranges

We offer yachts for rent on an hourly and daily basis, and the prices depend on the yacht model. For example, you can rent the 43 ft Zak 1 for 500 AED/hour and 10,000 AED/day. Similarly, you can rent the 164 ft Code 8 for 16,000 AED/hour and 160,000/day. You can select the yacht model and time frame based on your preference with our concierge’s assistance. Note that our popular payment options include credit cards, cash, and crypto payments.

Choose the right location to charter

After a thorough inspection of the yacht you’ll be chartering, the next step is to choose the right location to charter. You can start and end your yacht trip from locations across Dubai including Dubai Marina, Dubai Harbour, Marasi Marina, Anantara Palm, Jabal Ali Marina, Pier 7, and so on. and so on. You can even set off with your yacht rental in Dubai Creek and explore the quieter side of Dubai. Our concierge will recommend amazing locations to sail through. Cruising without a particular destination in mind can be fun, but it even better when you can visit amazing places on the way.

Travel through the best places

Make sure the destinations you’ve chosen to charter your trip in are some of the best places to visit.  When you book a boat rental from our yacht charter in Dubai, we take you on a cruise to the most stunning places. If you already have a specific destination in mind, that’s great. If you don’t, we can take on a yacht cruise from the Dubai Creek or the Dubai Marina right through to the picturesque waters near the Burj Al Arab. You can take a cruise through various beaches in the city. Whether it is a sail through Sunset Beach, Kite Beach down to The Beach in the Jumeirah Beach Residence you are hoping for, we’ll take you everywhere you want to. We can take you to further destinations like Abu Dhabi and Oman as well, and stop at the best spots along the way.

Our curated packages for yacht events

Yacht rental Dubai Creek party

Yacht events are usually memorable and elegant. Imagine having a wedding right on the sea, sailing through an island. It would be an unforgettable event. If this is a fantasy of yours, a yacht booking in Dubai from our yacht charter service will make your wish a reality. We allow our clients to hold an event on our yachts. It could be a private, family, or even a corporate event. Trust us to help you with that. Here’s a list of our yacht event packages.

  • Birthday event
  • Family trip
  • Weddings
  • Private parties
  • Executive sunset cruise

Birthday event

Birthdays are one of the most exciting and celebrated events in the world. What better way to celebrate a new year than on a yacht cruise? It would be absolutely great. When you rent a yacht with us, you get to celebrate your birthday in a grand style. Whether it’s for a child or an adult’s birthday party, our boat rental in Dubai serves your needs.

Family trip

Who doesn’t enjoy family trips? These are recognized ways of strengthening family bonds. With a cruise on a yacht from our yacht charter in Dubai, you get to enjoy a fun, exciting family trip with your family. Whether you’re choosing our standard or premium yachts for your trip, we will make sure you have a great time sailing the seas.


Love is a beautiful thing and we appreciate that. Hence, we offer our yachts for weddings. You can have your dream wedding sailing on our yachts. We not only rent out our yachts for weddings, but we also allow couples to celebrate their anniversaries in our yachts when they make a yacht booking in Dubai.

Private parties

You can book our yachts for private parties. Who says you can’t party on the seas? Yacht parties are one of the best ways to get your groove on because of the sophistication and exclusiveness. When you rent a yacht from our yacht charter Dubai service, you experience the full luxury of partying on the beautiful waters of Dubai. On request, we can provide you with a private DJ right on board. We also offer great catering services for these parties and ensure you get the best food and premium sound systems.

Executive sunset cruise

Imagine sailing through the beautiful waters of Dubai’s sea on a cool evening. It would be such a peaceful and lovely trip. You can go on an executive sunset cruise with your business clients or loved ones on our premium yachts. You have options to enjoy great food and drinks, music, live BBQ, and even a chauffeur when you opt for our executive sunset cruise package. Imagine sailing with your loved ones on a yacht rental in Dubai Creek. We will help you create beautiful memories with our yacht charter options.

Why rent a luxury yacht with us?

yacht rental Dubai Creek amenities

At our yacht charter in Dubai, we offer amazing packages, charter plans, and add-on activities, and our concierge helps plan the perfect trip. Our chartering process is very easy and seamless. You can place an enquiry on the website or contact us through WhatsApp to put your yacht trip plan into motion. We offer a variety of options and packages for you to choose from. You also get to enjoy the luxury of sailing on our premium yachts and enjoy the good vibes of Dubai’s lifestyle in a special way.

You have options to enjoy great food, drinks and pickups, BBQ, awesome music, water sports, and many more at an extremely friendly price. Aside from these, you can enjoy some of the awesome services we offer. This includes the following.

  • Watercraft inspection
  • White glove services
  • Certified crew
  • Exclusive access

Watercraft inspection

One of the benefits you can expect when you book a boat rental in Dubai from us is that all of our vessels have been watercraft inspected and cleared. Our yachts are frequently cleaned to ensure that there is no water damage to any of the equipment on deck. You’re also assured that there are no aquatic invasive animals on your chartered yacht. Everything is clean, dry, and looks as great as a premium yacht should be. Our expert team conducts thorough checks to ensure that our yachts are in great working condition to guarantee your safety and an awesome trip.

White glove services

Knowing our clients deserve only the best treatment, we provide options for white-glove services for an additional cost when you rent a yacht charter in Dubai. From the food serving down to the drinks, the personnel on board will pamper you and provide the luxury experience you deserve. We understand that class and convenience are the hallmarks of a luxury yacht cruise, and what better way to show this than offering options for white glove services to all of our clients.

Certified crew

A qualified crew has a way of making a yacht cruise as smooth and trouble-free as possible. Each crew member has procured an International Certificate of Competency. At our yacht charter service in Dubai, we ensure that our crew members are not only certified but hospitable. We value your demands and as such make sure our crew can fully make sure that you never have to stress about anything all throughout your yacht trip.

Exclusive access

When you charter a yacht from our yacht rental in Dubai Creek, you can add on activities to enjoy exclusive access to the best services on board. You have options to gain access to excellent catering, the best spa services, as well as exclusive accommodation and entertainment, all at the best prices. You get to experience the full luxury of all-exclusive access to our premium yacht services that you won’t get in any hotel or resort.

Our additional offers for a yacht charter in Dubai

yacht rental Dubai Creek ride

In a bid to ensure our clients enjoy the best of their yacht charter experience, we offer additional services when you rent a luxury yacht from our yacht charter in Dubai. When you rent a yacht for a day from our yacht rental service, you have options to enjoy premium services like:

  • VIP host
  • Personal chef
  • Limo pickup
  • Jetski

VIP host

When you make a boat rental from our fleet of yachts, you can choose an add-on to enjoy an additional service of being hosted like the very important person that you are. On request and an additional fee, you can enjoy a thorough VIP hosting all through your trip in our yacht. Our well-trained cabin members will ensure you enjoy the perks of renting our luxury yachts. Whether you’re renting our yachts for an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly trip, you’ll enjoy a VIP hosting service all through the cruise.

Personal chef

Another extra service to enjoy when you charter our luxury vessel is the provision of a personal and experienced gourmet chef on board to prepare some of the tastiest meals you’ve ever had. From local and international cuisines right down to a live BBQ, our chefs will feed you with the most mouthwatering dishes. You can be guaranteed to consume only the best from our personal chef all through your tour with our options for a yacht charter in Dubai.

Limo pickup

Part of our VIP offer is the provision of a luxury limousine to come to pick you up from your home or hotel down to our harbor for your yacht trip. Hiring a yacht from us, you not only have a luxury yacht, but you also get to ride one of the most luxurious cars ever. With our experienced chauffeur, you experience a full luxury treatment from your pickup point to where your luxury yacht is waiting. After your yacht trip, our limo can also drop you off.


A fan of water sports? We’re here for you. Renting a yacht from our yacht charter in Dubai, we have options to provide you with the best and fastest jet skis for a wonderful experience on the waters of Dubai. If you love riding the waves and feeling the thrill of zooming through the waters, you’ll love a ride on our jet skis. You can explore beaches, engage in friendly competitions with your loved ones or friends. If you have older kids, riding on our jet skis will be a great way for them to unwind and have playful fun even while on a yacht tour.

Sturdy yachts that are safer than a car

model for yacht rental Dubai Creek

If your safety concerns about being onboard a yacht in the middle of the sea is stopping you from chartering a yacht, don’t fret. When you rent a yacht from our yacht charter Dubai service, your safety is guaranteed. Our premium yachts are constructed with the highest quality materials and can withstand the waves and pull of the sea.

Although it is quite normal to be concerned about your safety while onboard, our yachts are 100% safe for sailing. If you fear that the yacht might capsize, it’ll interest you to know that our yachts belong to some of the best yacht brands in the world, and have been constructed with premium materials. Also, the waves on the waters of Dubai are very much calm and are not capable of causing any mishap during a yacht cruise. In fact, sailing on our yachts is a lot safer than driving through the city where cars are known for their high speed.

Renting a yacht from our yacht charter in Dubai ensures that you and your loved ones are in safe hands. We have certified captains and crew members trained to protect and take care of your wellbeing as you sail in the middle of the sea. Our booms are also kept far away to avoid causing such an incident.

Worried about sharks and pirates? Well, Dubai waters are totally safe from pirates and sharks. You can sail and take a swim in the beautiful waters without fear. So far, there’s never been a report of pirate hijacks in the city of Dubai. You don’t have to worry about pirates when you’re sailing in Dubai. We also ensure there are enough life jackets and other safety equipment on board. A yacht booking in Dubai from our yacht charter service gives you the reassurance of safety and comfort.

Frequently asked questions about luxury yacht charter in Dubai

Are there luxury yachts in Dubai?

You will find a large number of luxury yachts in Dubai. Known for its upscale lifestyle, Dubai is home to some of the best luxury yachts in the world. From sailing yachts to megayachts, you'd find all sorts of yachts in Dubai. At our yacht charter in Dubai, we have a wide range of yachts for rentals for a fun holiday experience.

Why are yacht rentals so expensive?

Renting high-end yacht models might be expensive, but it is worth it. The price for chartering a yacht depends on a number of factors. The yacht size, time frame, packages, add-on activities will all add up to what you'll pay for a yacht rental. Many people enjoy the luxury of a private yacht cruise due to its convenience and comfort. At our yacht charter service in Dubai, we offer a number of top-notch services at flexible and great prices.

Who pays for the food on a yacht?

You can choose from our food and beverage options at an additional cost. If you want to, you can also arrange your own catering, though this is not possible on the 220ft Lotus and 155 ft Desert Rose yachts.

Who has the most expensive yacht in the world?

A Russian billionaire, Roman Abramovich owns the most expensive luxury yacht in the world. The yacht called Eclipse is made of the best smart and defense technologies and houses a crew of over 70 members. However, the second most expensive yacht in the world is right here in Dubai and is owned by the Sheikh of Dubai and the UAE. The yacht is named Dubai after the city.

Is it worth owning a yacht?

Many consider owning a yacht to be a good idea. However, when you think of the high cost of maintenance and repairs, chartering a yacht is a far more appealing idea. You don't have to pay for parking space, repairs, crew members, and regular checks. While owning a yacht might be a great idea, choosing to rent one whenever you want is a much more financially viable option. Plus, it is really convenient to rent a yacht, and you can leave it to our experts to plan the perfect trip for you.

What size yacht requires a crew?

Any small-sized yacht requires a crew on board. A crew is necessary to ensure you have a smooth sailing trip. Since you're hiring a luxury yacht, you will definitely have a crew onboard to make your trip much more enjoyable.

How far can a yacht travel?

A yacht can travel for as far as weeks in a single stretch. A standard yacht in great working condition can travel for about 100 - 200 miles daily. How far your yacht can travel depends on its working conditions as well as the weather. On stormy days, you may need to turn around or make a stop till it's safe to sail again.